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vel... denne teksten leverte jeg som engelsk stil for en stund siden, og jeg vet det er mange stave feil, og litt sprøtt... men her er den:


The evil hitchhiker

I was driving up to London by myself. It was a lovely June day. I was driving along at 70 mph in my new Mercedes. I was leaning back comfortably in my seat, with no more than a couple of fingers resting lightly on the wheel. Ahead of me I saw a man thumbing a lift. I brought the car to stop besides him. I always stopped for hitchhikers. I knew just how it felt to be standing on the side of a country road watching the cars go by. The hitchhiker poked his head through the open window and said, ?Going to London, sir?? ?Yes,? I said. ?Jump in.? He got in and I drove on?

After an hour we get into a wood, it already started to be dark, and the road was wet, after yesterdays rain. It?s not easy to kip on driving when you have a man you don?t know in your car, a big hat on your head (with all the long hear inside) a big, warm coat on you, and a scarf over half of you face, in fact it?s pretty hard. May be I don?t was so smart when I let the hitchhiker in to my car? It was weary heard to hold the car on the road, and BOM the car flied into a big tree, my hat felt of, my scarf slide of and every one cud se that I was a girl. ?A girl? Are you a girl??  ?Yes, and what so? I newer said that I was a man, did I?? ?I don?t believe it, why should a girl dress up like this?? he asked. ?That?s not your biasness, let us find someone to help, instead of gape like some idiots? I tried to find my telephone in the pocket, without show the hitchhiker my gun, that was NOT easy at all. I found it and tried to cal after someone to help us, but like always it was no reception. ?so?? ?nothing, nothing at all!?

 He put his hand in his pocket, tock up a gun and aim his gun at me. ?what are you doing?? I asked. He didn?t answered, PANG, I saw my life go past in review (and it wasn?t better second time) and so all went black.

?It hurts! Stop! Pleas, stop!? I can?t be dead, he shot me in my heart, but I still feel the pain so I can?t be dead, can I? This isn?t normal, are it? I?m dead, but I still feel pain I still feel love and I still feel hate. I can?t move something hold me down, it?s a human, boy on my own age, but he is stronger than me, it?s not thehitchhiker, but I don?t know if I can trust him. I open my eyes, it?s still dark, and I can?t see the boys face. I try to say something, but he just ask me to be quiet. I can hear voices, they are angry, who is it? The boy let of me.

?Who are you?? he ask.

?June, and who are you??

?No one, I have no name.? I don?t want to know why, it?s not my biasness. A police are going behind the boy.

?Damn!? I know I don should said that, but they are after me.


?The police, they are after me for something I haven?t done?

?Welcome to my life? he smile.

?It?s not funny!?

?you are right, let?s move?

?Can I cal you No name, or something?? I ask.

?ok, if you want?





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